Rowing can be an expensive sport.  There are always equipment costs and other expenses that are not covered by either the school or registration fees.  We are fortunate to have several successful fundraising programs in place and wanted to be sure everyone is aware of a few easy ways you, your family & friends can help to support the team.

T-shirt Sales: Email us if you're interested in purchasing a t-shirt. Please provide us with your name and address, the size of shirt you'd like, which one you'd like and we'll arrange to get it to you. That simple! Shirts are $20. We can take cash or check. 

Shaker Crew T-shirt

Shaker Crew T-shirt

Crooked River T-shirt

Crooked River T-shirt This is an easy one.  Anytime you shop on Amazon, simply access the website through this link (feel free to bookmark it):
Shop Amazon

Your account login & shopping experience will appear just as it would otherwise.  However, Amazon will give the Shaker Crew team a small percentage of all purchases made.

Using this link yourself, as well as sending it to friends & family, could be an easy way to dramatically increase our fundraising efforts.

PayPal: PayPal is also a simple way to donate. Just log in to your account and send a donation to Raiderrowing.

Tent Lending: When not in use at Regattas, Shaker Crew has three 10×20 tents available.  They are available for set up at block parties, graduation parties, backyard BBQs etc.  Call us in advance and crew athletes will take care of delivery, set up & take down.  Spread the word to local friends & neighbors.

Bake Sale: The Shaker Crew team regularly holds bake sales on the second Monday of each month, after school in the egress area at the High School.  Athletes & Families are asked to bake in advance.  Athletes take turns with sales.  Look for more information regarding drop-off etc. via Wiggio prior to each sale.

Other: We are always looking for innovative fundraising opportunities.  If you have a good idea, let us know.


Your Tax-Deductible Donations Keep us Afloat!

Shaker Heights Crew Parents

15911 Aldersyde Drive

Shaker Heights, Ohio, 44120

Donations are tax deductible and donors will receive a tax-deductible donation receipt letter from SHHS Crew Parents, a 501(c) organization.

Thank you for helping us provide a good experience for these young athletes.